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How to Lose Weight For People Who Cannot Lose Weight

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Simply realize "How to lose weight" is not enough to lose weight. People might have the will to lose weight, they have great theory on how to lose weight, yet many still failed to see result weeks after weeks. This article is not for people who are genetically blessed to lose weight or ectomorph body type people. This article is not for people who have no difficulty in controlling their appetite. Well, this article is made for people that want to lose weight but cannot to lose weight. If you are in this category, you will find it easier to relate with the tips that I'm going to share here.

You see, losing weight is not just a matter of the having the information or knowledge on how to lose weight. Everyone who want to lose weight understand they they have to eat healthy, do exercise and sleep well. They also got a deep knowledge on calories in versus calories out formula. However, as I see through my life and other's people life experience, understanding that weight loss knowledge doesn't guarantee people to have successful weight loss experience. There are some hidden habits and thoughts that have been rooted years in people life that hinder them to to lose weight. The only way to have permanent weight loss is if we deal directly with the root of the problem and start building the correct foundation. I know it might be difficult. Therefore, I'm going to give easy practical steps that if you keep doing it regularly, it will build the right foundation and produce long-term healthy weight loss.

1. Love your body to lose weight

"The more you love your body, the the easier for you to lose weight."

If someone gives you an expensive Ferrari that you really loved. You would automatically treat that Ferrari very well with a joyful heart. Everyday you would wash that car, wipe dust from it, and makes sure it always looks clean and shiny. You would avoid passing through bumpy roads, make sure nothing hits your car, and drive it safely. Even if no law forced you to do so, you would still treat your car very well because you loved the Ferrari. You treat The Ferrari that well, because you love it. Now imagine.. If someone gave you an old, ugly car that you hated, you would probably become lazy in how you treated the car. Even if the law mandated you to take care of the car, you would be so unmotivated that you would probably ignore the law. You would still take care of the car, but just for the sake of keeping the law, not because you love the car. Why you treat that old ugly car that bad? Because you hate it. Action: choose to love your body and maintain a positive self-body images.

2. Think positive.

Negative thinking makes people fat. Every negative thought that comes into our mind trigger our brain to release stress hormones called cortisol.  Four our brain to neutralize this hormones, we need happy hormones. Most common way that food-lover do to release happy hormones is by eating high carbohydrate or sugary foods, such as: chocolate, ice-cream, bread, or pasta. This will easily bring people who has problem with negative thinking to be indulge into overeating. Be a positive person. A person who love their life, speak positive words and see others people in a positive way. The more you nurture positive thoughts, the less cortisol is released, the less you need to be dependent on food to encounter it. Note: Banana is my favorite healthy food that boost my "happy-hormones" level. Tips: Do you want to get free 30 trial to real Unlimited Fitness books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited is your answer!

It's completely free for the first 30 days! There are many great fitness books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Whether it's a weight loss programs, muscle building regime or vegetarians diets, you can find many of them on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. If you need more deep information and wondering why your weight loss plan is not yielding great result, try to read as many fitness books as possible on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Ready for free trial? Register here: Amazon Kindle 30-Day Free Trial

3. Raise your both arm behind your head

Simply put your hands behind your head for 15 second will help you lose weight. How is that possible? This is one of the powerful pose that dominant or superior people often do. Research show that this pose will trigger our body to produce hormones that fight hunger. Action: when you feel hungry, tired or in a stressful condition simply raise your arms behind your head for 15-30 seconds.

4. Eat with a smaller spoon to lose weight

Smaller spoon makes you eat for a longer duration. You will be able to enjoy more of your meal time and be satisfied with the less food quantity. Less food, no overeating, and lose weight easily.

5. Drink a lot of waters, ice waters!

People who struggle to lose weight may have problem to limit their food intake, however most of them have no problem if asked to drinks a lot of waters. Drink liters of water is a huge weapon for a food lover to control their appetite. how to lose weight Make sure to drink cold ice waters. Research found that cold waters help to speed up metabolism and burn calories. One 16 ounce glass of cold water can burn up to 17.5 calories, no treadmill required. When we drink ice waters, our body temperature is decreasing. In order for our body to maintain normal body temperature, our body need to produce heats. For our body to manufacture heats, it require calories from our body.

6. Set process-oriented target instead of result-oriented target

Example of result-oriented goal: "Lose 10 pounds of fat" In my own personal experience, having a result oriented goal might produce disappointment when the target is not met. If the target is met, the result will be temporary. Why? because the process is not become healthy habit in our life. Example of process-oriented goal: "Run 20 miles in a week" "Do 10 pull-up in one set" "No more eating after 8 pm" Focus on process to lose weight consistently. Right process will yield right result. Consistent process will produce habits. When the healthy habits is strongly built, it will give permanent result. If you have problem building a positive habit, then I recommend you to read this book "The Power Of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. Interested? Look inside or get the Audiobook for free on

7. Drink green tea:

Perfect video explanation why you should consider drinking green tea to lose weight:

Make sure to choose green tea with the highest EGCG possible. For me, I prefer quality green tea with a higher prices compare to the low quality one.

My Top Green Tea Recommendation on

8. Eat banana to lose weight

As I said in the 2nd point, one of top reason people overeat is because of hormonal imbalances. Our body will try hard to neutralize stress hormones called cortisol by releasing good feeling hormones. Calories by calories, banana is the healthiest food that produce most "happy-hormones". When we eat banana, our body will release "happy-hormones" that will quickly neutralize cortisol in our body. As a result, people become much more reluctant to go into emotional eating. Without aware, people go into eating high sugary food like chocolate, ice-cream or cheesecake when they face stressful environment. Those dessert also release "happy-hormones", however the calories consumed makes people gain weight quickly. Try to switch your dessert into eating banana to be happy and lose weight.

9. Limit into single source variation for protein, carbohydrate and fat in one meal.

The more food variation in one plate, the more people prone to overeat. Avoid having more than one source of protein, carbohydrate or fat in one meal. Avoid:
  • Chicken and fish in one meal
  • Bread and potato in one meal
  • Bread and banana in one meal
  • Orange and apple in one meal
  • Peanut butter and almond in one meal
Every new type of food variants will trigger your body to eat that food for certain amount. If a person normally eat 200gr of chicken breast in one seat, it will be very difficult to eat 100gr of chicken breast and 100gr of fish at one meal! If that person try to eat chicken and fish, that person will end up eating 200gr of chicken breast and 200gr of fish. That's why all you can eat buffet with hundred food variation is a disaster for people who want to lose weight! The easiest way to master your appetite is to limit your food choice into a single variant for your protein, carbohydrate and fat. You can also try mono-diet for a week!

10. Have a smaller plate

By trick our own mind using smaller plate, we unconsciously get full with less food quantity.

11. Cardio first thing in the morning

Burn calories first thing in the morning is the most optimum time to burn fat. Here are the reasons:
  • In the morning before breakfast, your body is running on low glycogen. As a result, you will force your body to use fat as the source of energy. This is very useful especially to burn stubborn fat.
  • Starting your day with a healthy habit will keep your entire day healthy.
  • Exercise release "happy-hormones" that makes you in a good mood for the rest of the day.
  • Increase your brain alertness and focus to say no for junk food. tips Have you own treadmill? Get a Treadmill Now on! Not an outsider person? Then, treadmill is your solution! Although I love running outside, I also like to run inside while watching my favorite Netflix movies. Sometimes, the weather outside is too hot. Other times, it's raining. In that situation, I just pick my Nike shoes, get on treadmill and burn calories with air conditioning turn on! Do not own treadmill yet? Search now on Cheapest Treadmill On

12. It's about how long you run!

We must make a distinction between fat-loss and fitness ability. In fat loss, it's not about how fast you run. It's about how long you run! Your running distance is much more important that your running speed. Run slower, but longer! Aim to get at least 60 minutes of constant running speed. Do it at least 4 times a week. Do it before your first meal. You will see result very fast! tips: Should you buy Adidas, Nike or Reebok? Yes, there are many shoes brand on or Yes, a pair of shoes will help you run efficiently. So, which brand should you choose?   Each person is different. Every athlete has their own favorite brand. Whatever the brand of the shoes you buy on, just make sure that those shoes doesn't stay forever in your warehouse.

13. Hungry? Hold your smile for 10 seconds!

Overeating is a serious challenge that many people faced. The mistakes people make is to think that overeating is the result of low energy level or hunger. In fact, the most common reason people overeat is STRESS! When you stress, your body release bad hormones. In order to counter balance it, your body need to product good hormones. How to do that? Most people try to product good hormones by eating more! However, there is another alternative. Smile! Yes, simply hold your smile for 10 second release similar good hormones that produced from eating meals. So, whenever you feel the urge to overeat, hold your smile for 10 second!

14. Do not see your mobile phones at night!

Mobile phones release higher light radiation that television or laptop. When your eyes see mobiles phones at night, it send signal your brain that it's still daylight! It tell your brain to keep working instead of rest and sleep. This condition also makes your brain to release bad hormones. Therefore, encourage you to overeat at night! Turn off your mobile phones at night. Enjoy your time with your friends or family members. Try reading books instead of playing with your phones. Have a good rest!

15. Write your process-oriented goal every week!

Have a weekly goal. It helps you to stay focus and keep on track with your journey. What kind of goal? I prefer process-oriented goal instead of result-oriented goal. What do i mean? Instead of trying to lose certain amount of weight within a week, try to makes weekly goals like these:
  • do cardio every morning for more than 30 minutes
  • always has 100 grams of vegetable in every meal
  • chew 10 times before swallow it
  • Run 7 miles without stopping
  • no more heavy-carbohydrate after 6 pm
  • etc
Focus on the process will help you to stay endure and not giving up easily. With result-oriented goal, people often get discourage when they do not see result. With process-oriented goal, you focus on the right process which yield the right result. If the result is not achieved? Then review your process once again.

16. Play Video Games When Hungry

Whether it's Candy Crush or Royale Clans, playing video games might help you forget about your hunger! Remember to play in moderation.

17. Remember The Basic

Losing weight is all about calories in versus calories out. What is that?
  • If calories in is bigger than calories out, then weight gain is the result
  • If calories in is equal than calories out, then body weight will stay the same
  • If calories in is less than calories out, then weight loss is the result!
So, what is your job? You have to make sure that you eat less calories and burn more calories. The first thing you need to do is to understand about calories in food. How many calories in a single piece of banana? What 200 calories of chocolate looks like? How many calories burn in an hour of cardio? Check it out here:

18. Join Community

In the eastern world, people always relate having food with fellowship. If there is a business meeting, then we will go for a meal in the restaurant. If people want to have a good talk with friends, then they will have fellowship while eating in the restaurant. Research found that loneliness have positive correlation with obesity. Why? Because when people are lonely, they long for fellowship. Their brain say that in order to have fellowship, you got to eat! Each time loneliness come, they always run to food. The mistake people made is to tackle it by force themselves to eat less or exercise more. These action often lead to only temporary result. Why? Because the root of the problem is not being solved. The loneliness is still there! By join into community, the loneliness will slowly disappear.  You might join dancing community, cooking community or business community. Any community is fine as long as you can talk, listen and have a good fellowship with them.

19. Train Your Brain With Images

Master your brain and you will master your body. How do your hands moves? Because your brain send a message to the nerves to move your hand. How do people get lazy? Because the brain send signal to the nerve to stay sleep until 11 am! The be successful in your weight loss journey, people have to train their brain. The secret to train your brain is with images! In Japan, if the father want the son to be a musician, the father will places a picture of famous musician on the table of his son since a very young age. The son will see the picture of famous musician all the time, and his unconscious mind will absorb it and the son grow up to be a famous musician too! If the father want to son to be a doctor, he will put a picture of successful doctor. If the father want the daughter to be a dancer, he will put a picture of professional dancer. Why is this very important? Because your brain will follow the strongest picture in your mind. The strongest picture will dictate you what to do, how you behave and determine your way of living. That's why Arnold Schwarzenegger have many posters of professional bodybuilder in his bedroom. It shape Arnold's mind to best the best bodybuilder in the world. How can you train your brain to lose weight? See the picture of a healthy body everyday. You can see it on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or magazines. Important! Make sure to choose an image of realistic body of man or woman. Not the one that is too skinny or photo-shopped.

20. Have a Role Model

Role model or a mentor is a shortcut to success. By having a role model, you will achieve your goal much faster. Warren Buffet have Benjamin Graham as his role model. Arnold Schwarzenegger have Reg Park as his role model. Even prophet Elisha had Elijah as their role model! Role model is a person that have gone through what about you are going to go. Role model can tell you what to do, how to behave and motivate you based on his real experience. It's best if you can meet the real person face-to-face, however some role model is difficult to be met. However, you can read his book, watch his video on Youtube or call him. It's more than just paid personal trainer that train you for an hour. It's a heart-to-heart bonding! Find a role model that you can look up to. That can inspired you. That can energize you each time you hear his/her words. You can read many great books on Amazon that talk about weight loss. Amazon also provide 30 days free trial for Kindle Edition!

21. Eat boiled egg whites.

Egg white contain high quality pure protein. Each egg whites contains only 17 calories with almost zero grams of fat. It's much affordable than isolate whey protein powders in stores and makes your tummy full for the whole day! Try to consume 3-5 egg whites everyday and see the differences.

22. Be careful with salad dressing!

Fresh vegetable is contains a lot of fibers and nutrition. It fill your stomach for a long time with very low calories. However, most people make mistakes by pouring it with a lot of salad dressings! From thousand island, mayonnaise and sesame sauce , all of them contain high amount of calories! Yes, caesar salad is super delicious. Just keep in mind that one tablespoon of caesar salad dressing contains 80-120 calories. I often see people pour a cup of salad dressing into the bowl, which can contain 1000+ calories! So, is it okay to eat salad? Just limit the dressing into maximum one tablespoon.  

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