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How to Start a Business At 21 Years Old Like Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft

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Search How to Start a Business At 21 Years Old Like Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft On Amazon!

In this opportunity, you are going to see how the founder of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and All Top Fortune 500 Companies started their business from zero to billion dollars company!

Hello Guys! My name is Elia Kanadi. My passion is to help my subscribers achieve their dreams. Here are 20 lessons every business owner can use to build a successful billion dollars company.

1. Follow your Passion

Tips number one is follow your passion.What is your passion? What kind of activity do you love most? What is your biggest strength? Make sure that your work matches with your passion. A freezer can be used to store clothes, but it will not function properly to the wishes of it’s creator.

You can do any job with a good amount of income, but if it’s not your passion, if it’s not your main talents, then you will not be able to give your best “shot” at that job…… Have you realize what is your passion?

There are many young people that do not realize their passion. If you are one of them, there is an easy solution to find out your passion. Write down 5 strength that you see in yourself. Talk to your closest friends and family member, ask them what is the biggest strength that they see in you. Gather all the informations about yourself as much as possible. After you list down all of your strength, begin to analyze it one by one. What kind of job that match with your passion? If you love cooking and teach people, you might start offering cooking lessons in your neighbourhood. If you only love cooking, you might start a restaurant business.

2. Use Your Talents to Help Others

Tips number 2 is help others with your passion. If we only keep our passion just for ourselves, then it is almost impossible to make any money. I will give you example. If your passion is dancing. You love to dance. You are extremely good at dancing…... However, you never show to others your ability to dance. You only dance in your bedroom. Nobody ever get entertained with your dancing. Nobody ever get helped with your dancing. Is it possible to make money if you only dance for yourselves? I believe not.

Instead, you can use dancing to help others. You can start offering dancing lesson to your friends, community or any people who want to learn to dance. You might also start a youtube channel that teach how to be a great dancer in 30 days. Use your dancing to entertain others too. You can offer dancing show in some events and get paid for you passion.

Business is simple. Business is helping others with the reward of money. The one who has most money if the one who helps most people. If you focus on helping others, solves others people problem, then money will automatically come to you like a magnet. Do not hide your passion. Do not hide your talents, but show to the world who you are. Be confident and show to the world who you really are.

3. Close your ears

Tips number 3 is close you ears. The moment you decide to achieve your dreams, there will come many people that will say bad things about your business

They will say something like these:

  • “so many people have done that"
  • "I think it’s a bad idea for you to start"
  • "You cannot do it, it’s too difficult for you”

Do not listen to these kind of negative words.. Ignore these bad words. If you listen and meditate those bad words, it will kill your energy, passion and your dreams.


Keep focus on your goal. Keep focus on your dreams. Believe that you can make it. The best thing you can do when opposition come attacks you is to stay focus and keep moving forward.

4. Ask for Help from Others

Tips number 4 is asking help from other people. Although we close our ears from negative people, we still need to ask for help from positive people. We can ask for advice, ask for solution, ask for wisdom. Money is important, but wisdom is more important than money.

There are many people with a lot of money, but without wisdom, their money cannot be managed properly..Therefore, when we meet people that are successful, aim for their experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Do not feel shy ask question and solution from successful people. Most successful people love to share their experienced to young entrepreneur. Ask for help. Ask and you shall receive.

5. Take The First Step

Tips number 5 is take the first step. A car cannot move to the right or to the left if the driver do not press the gas pedal. You do not need to know the one thousand steps ahead for your business. If you try to figure out all the steps, then you will be a person who always think but never do any action.

Take the first step. Take the second. Begin your business step by step. Done is better than perfect. Remember what the martin luther king jr said “Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase - "Martin Luther King, Jr"


6. Build a Positive Self-Image

Tips number 6 is to build a positive self image. Most people has a negative self-image. Only few people have a positive self image. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself in a good way?

I will give you a secret. The way you see yourself is the way people see you. Remember,   King Solomon once said "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he". There are people that tattooed their body with the words “Born to Lose”. The truth is, not only the tattooed is written to his body, but the words “Born to lose” is also written to his mind………….. He carry a “loser“ mindset. As a result, it is very difficult for this person to do what the champions normally do. Each time he wants to act like a champion, his “negative” mindset hold him back to never do great actions.

Start seeing yourself positively. Start seeing yourself as a precious person with a great future. Begin to fix any wrong self image. Begin to realize that all negative voice about yourself is a lie.It is a lie that you are a loser. It is a lie that you cannot do great things. It is a BIG lie that you worthless.

If Leonardo Da Vinci paints a masterpiece, what do you think is the price of the masterpiece? I believe it will be sold at a very high price………. Do you know who creates you? Who paints you? You are God valuable creation. You are God masterpiece! If Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece can be sold at a very high price, how much more is God masterpiece?

Begin to see yourself beautifully. Remember, that you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

7. Mentor/ Role Model

Tips number 7 is to find a Role Model. Most successful people have a good role model. If you wants to be a professional basketball player, then you might choose Michael Jordan as your role model. If you want to be great singer, you might choose Celine Dion as your role model. If you want to be a great business man, that you might have successful role model such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Jack Ma.

Learn from your role model. Read his book. Listen to his seminar or interview. Copy the positive character that you want to have from your role model. Who is your role model? Find out and comment below..

8. Exercise Regularly

Tips number 8 is to exercise regularly. There are many good benefits of daily exercise. It will keep your body in shape. It will also boost your brain ability to focus for the rest of the day. I love to exercise. I try to exercise every morning before I jump to work. Remember, our body is similar with a car. We need to warm up the car first, before we start driving it. If we wake up and immediately jump to read email or get busy with customer problems, then our brain is not given the chance to warm up first.


Not all rich people in the world are diligent in exercising. However, having a healthy body is just as important as having a successful career.  Let’s start making exercise as one of our positive habit.


9. Positive Words

Tips number 9 is to speak positive words. Death or life is in the power of tongue. If we want to change our business life, we need to change our words. Many people unconsciously speak negative words about themselves. They like to talk about how bad their job, how depressing is the future or how incapable they are to do something.

A Japanese scientist want to know the effect of our spoken words. He begin an experiment by speaking certain words to a water and see the effect of its structure under a special microscope.

Each time he said positive words like “love”,     “thank your” or “you are beautiful”, the water structure changes into beautiful shape.

Each time he said negative words like “you cannot do it”, “i hate you” or “i will kill you”, the water structures changes into broken shape.

Positive words bring positive result. Begin to speak positive messages to yourself from today onwards. Everyday, start speaking positive words such as “I can do this”, “I am beautiful”, “I love my life”, “I have a great future”. You will see how life becomes more beautiful when we always speak positive words.

10. Never Give Up

Tips number 10 is to never give up. If you feel that you are far behind, lose hope or almost give up, then you need to watch this video. This video is about a woman runner that fall when she was in a race. What happen next will really surprise you. Let’s take a look at the video.


11. Do Random Act Of Kindness

Tips number 11 is to do good things to others. Build a giving mentality, not taking mentality. I believe with the principle of “you will reap what you sow”. Therefore, I try to give everything that I have to other people.

There are many things that we can give others than money. We can help people by sharing our knowledge, experience or anything that will solves other people problems. Rich people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the kind of people that like to help. They both give away a lot of their money for charity. They also help many people becomes billionaire simply by giving advice.

Start doing some random act of kindness from now on. You might not receive a reward from the person that you help, but God will see your good action and will reward you.


12. Do Not Be Imprisoned By Fear Of Failure

Tips number 12 is do not be afraid to fail. The true meaning of failure is when you stop and give up. If you make mistakes, you can learn from your mistakes, forget about it, stop feeling guilty and keep moving forward.

I see many people that live like they are in the prison. They are imprisoned by fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of critics and fear of not good enough. The truth is, all of that fear is just a lie. Do not be afraid to fail.Make a strong decision to not let any kind of fear imprisoned you. The only way to destroy that fear is by taking action. Take the first step, take the second step and keep moving forward.

13. Multiply Your Strength

Tips number 13 is to multiply your strength. Spend 80% of your time to multiply your strength and 20% percent of your time to fix your weakness. Many people are too focus on their weakness. They worried too much about their weakness to the point that they forget their strengths.

Great tennis player named Roger Federer once said, if a tennis play always train their weakness, he will become a good all round tennis player, but with no deadly weapon. He prefer to focus on multiplying his strength and have a one deadly weapon. If you are good at your forehand but poor on your backhand, it is better to focus on improving your forehand and not worried too much about your backhand. Yes, you still need to train your backhand, but keep your forehand as your main weapon.

What is your biggest strength in your business? Make sure that it is deadly enough to make you a champion in your business competition.

14. Fly With The Storm, Do Not Fight The Storm!

Tips number 14 is take advantages of the storm. Do not fight the storm, but fly with the storm.

Don't fight the storm, but take advantage of the power of the storm! In business, many people are bleeding trying to fight the storm. However, we better take advantage of the power of the storm! Example: In Indonesia, there are tens of thousands of minimarkets such as Indomaret, Alfamart and Alfamidi.

If I compete by opening minimarkets like them, then my business can bleed and out of money in no time. What can I do instead? I can fly with storm! Instead of trying to compete by opening minimarkets, I can think about producing products that can sell rapidly in those mini markets. I can think about producing seaweed snacks, distribute it in all those minimarkets and grow rapidly.

There are many storms that we can take advantages of. If you are in the onlines, you can take advantages of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google or many others BIG business.Some people try to compete with them, and that’s great! Just make sure that you have really strong strategy for your battle against. However, there are many people that fly high easily by taking advantages of the storms. Which one would you choose? Comment on the video below.

15. Don't underestimate others. Don't underestimate yourself.

Tips number 15 is do not underestimate others and do not underestimate yourself. If we underestimate other people, then we cannot see the potential talents in that person. Who knows, they have hidden talents that we need in our business?

Don't underestimate yourself too. Whoever you are, you have hidden talents within you. Dig up the talent and show the world who you really are. Who knows, you have hidden talents that can be a big help for many people?

16. Run your business at the right speed

Tips number 16 is run your business at the right speed. Business is just like playing music. There is a rhythm in it. If you're in a hurry, then you are prone to make a lot of wrong decisions. People who can to get rich instantly also can't enjoy their business life day by day. Follow the rhythm of your business trip. Remember! The winner is not the fastest.

It's in vain if we sprint at maximum speed, but going at the wrong direction. Follow the rhythm, enjoy your business, do not forget to smile and built your business step by step.

17. Endure

Tips number 17 is to endure. Maybe your business is facing a difficult time. Maybe your monthly revenue has dropped a lot. Don't be rushed to close your business. Do not give up on your dreams and do not lose hope! In the next minutes you will see a video of a child that never give up. I love this child. He keep endures and win the games. Let’s watch this video and be energized.


18. Learn new things

Tips number 18 is to learn new things. There are still many things we don't know. There are still many great business strategies that have not been discovered.

Never feel that we already know everything. Never feel we don't need new knowledge. Always position ourselves as students who are hungry learn. Remember! Keep learning, keep growing.

19. Take One Step Backward, Two Step Forward.

Tips number 19 is to take one step backward, two step forward. Struggling all the time is not good for our business. If we have tried as hard as possible for our business but see no result, then it is the right time to take one step backward and two step forward.

Take a break, take some time for recreation. Refresh your mind. Then, find out the main causes of your business problem. Plan a new strategy, a better strategy. Maybe there is something we miss. There might be a things as small as dust that cause our business to lose might.Take one step backward, two step forward!

20. Do Charity

Tips number 20 is to do charity. "The more you give, the more you receive" If our business has started to run and make money, don't forget to share with the poor community.

Many top rich people in the worlds say from their life experience that the more money they donate, the more miracles they experience in their business. Start setting aside a portion of your money for others. Share some of your profits for people in need. Remember! Donate not to be arrogant or pride, but because of our compassion.

Stay Strong!

Search How to Start a Business At 21 Years Old Like Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft On Amazon!


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