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Email Marketing: How Hits $1,000,000,000,000 in Value

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Search Email Marketing: How Hits $1,000,000,000,000 in Value On Amazon!

Why Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Always Ask Our Email Address At The Front Page?

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This business world is changing very rapidly! 

If we do not keep up with this transformation, then our business can lose big opportunities.


In terms of online marketing, United States is seven years ahead than most of other countries!

 Therefore, if we - citizen outside United Sates - start to master online business now, we can still lead and dominate the worldwide online market!

Before we continue, I want you to keep this in mind. Why Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter always ask our email address at the front page?


Read until the end to see why this secret make Amazon worth $!






In the old days, rich people were the businessman who had GOLD MINES, LAND or FARMING BUSINESS!





Then we entered the industrial revolution! Where the rich people were the businessmen who had large factories using sophisticated machines.

Today the world's richest people are those who are involved in internet technology, such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma.

Let's study these NEW TOP RICH PEOPLE.


The first is Jeff Bezos, founder of! sells almost all types of products exist through online website - yes even this Jurassic Park Dog Costume!

Amazon business system is almost the same with Ebay, Aliexpress or Rakuten.

How much does Jeff Bezos make from his online business?

bisnis online eric kanadi

Jeff Bezos had become the world's richest person with a wealth of 95.5B USD in 2017.


Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of!

Unlike Amazon, Facebook does not sell products but networks or connections. In 2017, Facebook active users reached 2 billion members. Wow, is that amazing?

By utilizing internet network, Mark Zuckerberg can reach people in every country in a short time without having to set up an office in each country.


Jack Ma  is the founder of . Similar to Amazon, Alibaba's online business also brings together sellers and buyers online. The difference is that serves  business to business  or bulk purchases in bulk. How big is Alibaba? On 11/11/2017 Alibaba sold more than 30 billion USD in just one day. Wow!

How to build business like Amazon, Alibaba or Facebook?

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma have one thing in common in their business model, they use internet technology! Yes, imagine if Mark Zuckerberg had to knock on the door one by one to become a Facebook member. Imagine if Jeff Bezos had to open stores in each country to sell Amazon products. Imagine if Jack Ma had to come to every distributor company one by one to offer their products. Can they be at their current business level?

Before I explain one online business strategy that Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba use, let's first learn what are the benefits of internet technology in our business activities. Of course there are many benefits to online business. But from Eric's personal experience, Eric found the 5 biggest benefits of online business that can yield great benefit.

5 Reason to do Online Business:

1. Reach and Scalability - National to International Business

If we sell a business through offline, often we are restricted only to sell a products to that city. If someone opens a bag shop in Semarang, then the store can only offer products to people in Semarang alone. As a result, with a population of only 1,600,000, our business potential is not too large. Prospective buyers must first come to the bag shop to see what products are offered. What's more, one question must be asked "Are people in Semarang interested and able to buy these bags?" Let's compare it with the online bag business in Semarang. By utilizing online marketing, an online bag business that only in Semarang can reach 272 million people throughout Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, online bags can be sold internationally with 7.6 billion people in each country. Wow!

If we see, the Wage in Semarang 2017 is 150 USD. Whereas in Jakarta the minimum wage is uUSD 300. Not only that, in big cities like Jakarta, the population with a middle to upper economy is more than in Semarang. They also pay more attention to the appearance of fashion and are more courageous in spending money on shopping. After being sold online, many people from Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and other big cities are eager to buy these bags. Maybe in Semarang the item is not selling, but it can be sold well in other cities. By entering an online business, these bags do not have to bother renting a place to open stores in big cities. Enough with email marketing, facebook, Instagram, this online bag business can offer products throughout Indonesia without having to go all over Indonesia.
Not only in Indonesia, but in neighboring countries like Australia have a very high standard of living. By working at McDonald's alone, they can earn usd 15-20 per hour. If you work 10 hours per day, then their income is around 50-60 million per month just by working at McDonald's only. If your product in Semarang is said to be "Expensive!", Then try selling your product in Austrialia and people will say "Very Cheap!"

2. Fastest Speed 

When working as a salesman, I take a long time to offer products to our prospective customers. Eric's maximum daily average can be 5-6 prospect customers. When in Jakarta, Eric can only go to 2-3 prospect customers in one day - due to the very high level of congestion.
Through online we can reach all - unlimited or unlimited number - our prospective customers in 1 second. How to? Simply make a short message and send it via email to 100,000+ customers, post on Facebook with a 120,000+ fan page and upload products on Instagram to 54,000+ followers. The result? In just 1 second, many people contact and order products at our place.
What about newspaper ads, radio or banners? That is a good ad suggestion, but it still takes a long time. For newspaper advertisements, we must contact the newspaper admin, arrange the schedule with the newspaper, negotiate prices, meeting there and there, etc. Likewise with radio or banner. But with today's internet technology, we can manage everything ourselves so that it can be done in a very fast time. No wonder the newspaper company like Kompas also began to wrestle the online world seriously.

3. Full Automation

When he was little, Eric often went to eat chicken rice with his family. The chicken rice is so tasty and very crowded. Eric has been very eager to enjoy chicken rice, but due to the number of queues of visitors, Eric has to wait a long time. Hungry, Eric immediately said with a woman who was selling chicken rice "Ma'am, where is my chicken rice? Please make it now", then the mother said "Patience mas, my hands are only 2. Queue first!" With an online business, we can serve orders in very large quantities with an automation system. For example, if we shop at Lazada, we just click, click, just click on the product we want and we will receive the order in a short time. Using this automation system, we do everything ourselves without having to have a server who serves us. Therefore, an online business such as Ebay or Amazon can serve orders with a very large amount even if only has 2 hands.

We can automate sales. As a salesman, I have to explain the excess product every time I visit a new customer prospect. To the extent, I will say the exact sentence words in each offer! This is very troublesome, especially if you have to meet 100+ customer prospects in 1 month, then you have to present 100x more of the same thing. With the online automation business, we can present our offer once in front of the camera and upload it to Youtube.
Every time there is a new customer prospect, just give a link to the youtube video. If the customer is confidential or private, we can make the format of the words to be conveyed first. After that when there is a new customer prospect, just copy-paste the format, change the name, edit it a little and then send it via e-mail or social media.

4. Unlimited Networking


When I want to start a food business, I am faced with challenges that require connection. First, I have to find out "Where did I get the production machine?", Then I started searching on the internet, searching on Google and then meeting people who provided the production machines that I needed. Likewise, when I am in need of a food distributor or want to enter a retail store, I can simply search for it on the internet, search Google and come out a list of food distributors and retail stores that can become our customer prospect. There are many more connections that I get through online, starting from employees, marketing companies, legal companies, etc.

5. Low Fix Cost

Online businesses do not need to pay too much, especially on fixed-costs. If we sell bags offline, we need to rent a place, get out the costs for furniture, electricity, employees, cleaning services, parking attendants, and other operational costs. At the starting point of selling products - SMOOTH Cooking Spray - it's been selling these products offline. At that time, SMOOTH was very new, so it needed customer education about the advantages and ways of using this product. If you just put it in a shop or supermarket, people will not know about this product

At that time I started thinking about holding a seminar, so that I could educate the market in detail about this product. The obstacle is that I don't have enough budget to make a seminar. Then I wondered "How about how to do seminars in front of as many people as possible without paying any fees at all?". Suddenly in my heart came the word "Youtube!" I also started making a video presentation about SMOOTH and uploading it on Youtube. The results are truly extraordinary! I get presentations watched by millions of people without the need for excessive fees. "Then what is the secret to building a successful online business?"


In every game or match there is usually one key to victory. When in a basketball match, the team that controls the rebound is the team that controls the match. In boxing that controls the left side usually controls the match.
How about an online business? Who controls email is the one who controls the match.

The Importance Of Email Marketing

Email??Shouldn't we build as many Facebook Fans as possible? What about building Instagram with millions of followers?

Remember, every social media has its own time period. If you now have millions of followers on Instagram, not necessarily 5 years away Instagram will still be used as it is now. This is not the case with e-mail. A person's e-mail usually doesn't change for a long time.
Often we rely on Facebook or Instagram in starting our online business. However, have we ever thought "What is the secret of Facebook or Instagram in doing business online?"  
If we look at online businesses like Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon or Twitter they always prioritize one thing, which is getting customer email data!






Then what makes the world's largest online business trying to get customer email data?
Pak Untung's Meatball Story
Email marketing is very important. Say there is someone named Pak Untung from Semarang. has a Pak Untung Bakso business that sells salmon meatballs. Not only opening a meatball stall, Pak Untung also sold his bakso online - by vacuuming and freezing.
Pak Untung comes to online business seminars and learns about email marketing. When coming to the seminar, Mr. Untung got to know lots of people, exchanged business cards and learned about email marketing. Until home, there were 500 business cards that contained the person's name, address and email.

The next day, Pak Untung began e-mailing 500 people offering salmon meatballs. In his email, Mr. Untung explained how delicious the salmon meatballs are and the many health benefits. Also in the e-mail, photos of the salmon meatballs were included with a photo of Mr. Fortunately. After being emailed to 500 people, many email recipients saw and said "Well, this is a photo of Mr. Untung who yesterday I met at the seminar. Wah Pak Untung Meatballs that are sold look really good, there are also many benefits. I want to try buying baksonya first. "
The result? Wow amazing! There are 10% or 50 people who immediately order the salmon meatballs asking to be sent to their home address! Every meatball sold, Pak Untung made a profit of Rp. 10,000. If 50 people order 1 pcs each, Pak Untung makes a profit of Rp500,000 with just one email.
After seeing how good and fortunate it was to sell via email, his wife began the initiative to take part in many seminars, business meetings and events to get connections. In a short time, 10,000 business cards were collected. Pak Untung started e-mailing 10,000 people and there were 10% or 1,000 people who bought! If 1 meatball makes a profit of IDR 10,000, then the profit of 1000 orders is IDR 10,000,000! Wow! One email can get 10 million!

Deployed children, grandchildren, waiting to expand the connection, and within a short period of time 1 million emails arrived! It reached 1 million people and the results remained the same. 10% or 100,000 people order the salmon meatballs. One e-mail to 1 million people, you can immediately make a profit of Rp1,000,000,000! Wow ... 1M in just one email!
Pak Untung even began to divide 1 million customers into 3 categories: take care of health, eat hobbies and business experts.
For the health care category, sir fortunately send an email with the message "Pak Untung Salmon Meatballs Without MSG Contains High Omega 3"
For the hobby dining category, sir fortunately sent an email with the message "Pak Untung Salmon Meatballs As Big As A Tennis Ball Feeling Great In The Pool"
For the category of business experts, sir fortunately send an email with the message "Meatball Franchise Mr. Fortunately Powerful Profit 1 Month Behind Capital"
Through e-mail, Pak Untung can distinguish and specify offers based on each individual, so the response is better. After being differentiated, the response increases 2x-3x fold! In a short time, Pak Untung's Bakso business which was once a street vendor has now become a five star.

Reasons to start email marketing in your businessFree or very low cost!

  • One email can be sent directly to millions of people
  • Personalize email offers based on customer character
  • Almost everyone has an email - if not, then they cannot register Facebook or Instagram.
  • 91% of people still open email every day
    How can you start increasing business turnover through email marketing?
    1. Collect customer email data
    Start to collect customer email data or your prospective customers. Email collection can be done both offline and online.
    a) Collect business cards through offline meeting
    Always provide and carry a business card wherever you go. Join business events, seminars, and networking to be able to meet many people. Every time you meet someone new, give your business card and usually the person will give you your name card.
    Another strategy is to request your customer's email data so far. Every time someone comes to buy your product, don't forget to ask for the customer's email address. Thus, you can remind us by email about the latest products, promos this month, or special offers to your repeat customers. The average customer who has ever bought a product in a place you are more easily attracted to the offer compared to trying to get a new customer.

    b) Collect email with online strategy

    You can also collect emails online by using Linkedin is similar to Facebook, the difference between linkedin is that it is used more for business. In linkedin, if we make connections with other people, we can see the person's email. Be sure to make connections with people who are potentially your customers.

    2. Start sending email to prospect customer

    Start trying to send an email offering your product. The more often we send emails, the more we sell experts via email. Make sure not to be too hard-selling, so that email readers don't get bored when opening your email. If you don't have a website yet, don't forget to enter your WhatsApp number, so it's easy for the customer to contact you.
    That's it!
    Don't forget to practice this strategy, who knows that in 10 years your online business can be one level with Facebook, Amazon or Alibaba - even more!
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    Search Email Marketing: How Hits $1,000,000,000,000 in Value On Amazon!


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